Using Affiliate Marketing To Create A Full-Time Income

About 5 years ago I paid a friend to put a website together for me, and ever since then I have been making a killing on the Internet using websites that other people built for me. There are sites out there that you can post a work order on to have a website built and people will bid on it and build it for you. There are also websites out there that offer website creation tools that do everything for you and are extremely easy to use.

After building your website or having someone else build it for you, you’ll have to choose a domain name for your website. Typically domain names are around $10. A domain name is what an individual would type in the search bar to be directed to your website.

Be sure to choose a domain name that suits your website. If you have a website about cell phones you would want to choose a domain name such as or After choosing a domain name you’ll have to do a search to see if that name is available. You can do a search and purchase a domain name here.

After you have a website built you’ll need a good sales pitch or review to sell the products you are affiliated with. There are a few things that I do in my sales pitches and reviews that I have had a lot of success with.

The first thing I always do is surf the web and read other reviews and or sales pitches in the product I am going to be promoting. This helps to get a good idea of what other affiliates are saying about the product, and it always makes it much easier to write my own review.

Another thing I do regularly is to go to online forums and see what everyone is saying about the product I am reviewing. This is good because on forums people typically post their honest opinion on a product or service, and for the most part it is only consumers talking about the product, whether to buy the product or not, whereas the majority of review sites are individuals just trying to make money as an affiliate of the product and these reviews are not always honest.

Once you read up on the product you are reviewing you are ready to write a killer sales pitch. This is the most important part of an affiliate site. When visitors come to your affiliate site and read your reviews they should get excited to purchase the product you are talking about. Remember the goal is to get visitors to click on your affiliate links and be directed to the site where they can purchase the product. Having a good sales pitch is vital to your success as an affiliate marketer.

One of the best things you can do for your affiliate site is put a video of you talking about the product and what it can do for your customers. You can get the video producing software from GVO, where you can get all the tools you’ll ever need to be successful.

There are five main things I try to do in every sales letter or review I have ever written. I have used these five strategies to write successful sales letters for tons of review sites and also for some direct mail advertising.

The first aspect of a good sales pitch that I always apply to my affiliate sites is to create a sense of urgency. It is always a good idea to make the reader feel that this incredible product at this incredible price is time sensitive and will not last forever.

Doing this makes the reader believe that they have to act now and purchase the product or they might miss out on the deal. You want your visitors to purchase the product when they first come to your site because 95% of them who visit your site and decide not to buy today but think they’ll come back later and purchase your product will never come back.

A good way to create a sense of urgency is by using images. Create an image on your site and say something like ONLY 78 LEFT and have the 78 crossed out and write 54 beside it. Another good way to cause a sense of urgency is to say that the discounted price is time sensitive and that this deal will only last for another 14hrs and 26 min.

Make the 14 hrs and 26 min a countdown so as they are visiting your site they see that they are running out of time to purchase the product at the discounted price.

The second strategy that I used when writing a killer review site is to appear unbiased. You should approach the reader as a third party, someone who is just giving their honest opinion of the product. Make them believe that you are just an honest person trying to help them make an informed decision. By not appearing to be making any money from the sale of the product you will gain more credibility and trust from your readers. Would you believe someone who is making money each time they sold you a product or someone who is not making any money from selling the product and just wanted to help you make the best decision?

The third of the five strategies I use, and probably the most important, is to invoke fear in the reader. Make the reader feel that by purchasing any other products they will just be throwing their money away. Make them believe that if they don’t buy your product and instead buy a similar product from one of your competitors that they will eventually run into problems.

This step works well when you are reviewing products in a field that is known for fraud because people are already scared of getting ripped off and they know that they will be taking a chance on any product they buy. Use this fear to your advantage.

Say you were promoting a diet supplement. This is a field well known for fraud. You could write something like, “Fake diet pills exposed…they promise the world and deliver nothing”. Then write an article about many unsatisfied customers of different types of diet supplements. When writing an article that is bad mouthing diet supplement companies be sure to not name names. Talk in general to avoid any legal matters.

After writing a few paragraphs about how most diet pills don’t work and are just a waste of money you would want to talk about which ones you found actually did work (the ones you are affiliated with of course). Be sure to put your affiliate links at the bottom of the page where you are talking about the products that you found actually do work.

The fourth step when writing a good review that will sell is to build a dream. Make the reader excited about purchasing your product. They have to feel that by purchasing your product their life will change in one way or another. If you were reviewing an eBook about how to make money online you could talk about how much better their life could be working just minutes a day at their computer in the comfort of their own home or about how they will be able to retire early and live the life they always wanted.

If you were reviewing weight loss supplements you could talk about how much better their life would be if they lost that weight or how much better they would feel about themselves after losing weight. You basically want to say that this product will give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more…. BUT YOU MUST ACT NOW.

Be sure not to make any promises or say anything like, “If you purchase this product you will lose 20 pounds in the first month”. Instead, you want to say something like, “This incredible breakthrough diet pill COULD help you lose up to 20 pounds in your first month”.

The final step when writing a good sales pitch or review is to act like an expert. Read up on the product you are reviewing and be sure to include facts in your review. You want to say that you have tried numerous different products and the one or two products that you are reviewing are the only ones that actually worked. Talk about what they have that the other similar products do not.

For example if you were writing a review on diet supplements you would want to talk about the different types of ingredients and the mixture of ingredients that the diet pills has in it which makes it better than all the rest. You could talk about how it is 100% natural or about how it does not contain the harmful ingredients that the other brands have.

If you use all of these strategies in your review there is no reason your site shouldn’t convert like crazy. Remember that the two most important things to your success as an affiliate marketer are your ad campaigns and your actual written reviews of the product. If you can do both of these better than your competitor you will be a huge success as an affiliate marketer.

Here is one last secret tip. Not many people know about his, so keep it between you and me. I like to give affiliate rebates when offering a product for sale. If you get paid 75% commission on a $100 product you will be earning $75 per sale. If you offered anyone who purchased the product through you a $25 rebate you will still be making $50 per sale. Most people do not do this, so by offering rebates you could increase your sales by up to 200%.

The only thing to keep in mind when offering rebates is that people do ask for refunds on occasion. Most online companies have a 45 day money back guarantee, so you will have to make it clear that you will not give them their rebate until after 45 days.

When the 45 days is up, have them show you the receipt and check your records to make sure that they didn’t ask for a refund, then simply send them their rebate by PayPal or money order. Most people will not even remember to ask you for their rebate after 45 days. That is why you could easily offer a much bigger discount and still make a huge profit on each sale.

Now you know all about affiliate marketing. You have created an affiliate site and are armed with all the information you need to write a killer review. Now all you need is a company with a product that you are interested in affiliating with and then you’ll be on your way to making boatloads of money.

These are my personal favorites:

GVO – This is my favorite because it is more than just a site builder. You get a nice hosting account that is huge as far as disk space and bandwidth are concerned. You also get a free autoresponder, a free video producing system, a free prospecting system, a free lead capture system, a free private conference room (to put on your own seminars), and Blogger Builder (which builds your site). All you do at is put up a work order and people will bid on it and you choose the best programmer at the best price to put your website together. Expect to spend at least $250+ to have a site built, plus you don’t get any of the above marketing tools that GVO gives you.

Network Marketing Is Having a Positive Impact on Individuals and the Economy As a Whole

Futurist have been projecting for years that we would become a society of privatization, not through psychic powers (although I can not speak for all of them), but through acute observation. Employment once governed and monopolized by big corporations, years ago gave way it majority to the small business owner, with self employment being the most recently growing sector. It is through self employment that many are building their own personal road to financial freedom. It is here where a Home Business Opportunity embraces individual power over ones own economic ambitions. The Home Business Opportunity field offers numerous types of opportunities that encourage and assist individual achievement toward rewarding self employment through entrepreneurship, but none with the same unlimited financial prospects as Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is a very real business structure created for the distribution of products through multiple levels of invited participants. The person of whom the invitation is accepted from is the sponsor. The sponsor is partly compensated for all activity within his or her group. Most direct sales organizations, if not all by now are utilizing this same form of multiple level compensation, because long term it creates financial freedom for those that exercise the appropriate work ethic.

In the early years Network Marketing was better known as Multi Level Marketing, because of the multiple level compensation plans that it included in addition to the retail sales revenue earnings. Direct sales organizations recognized that through the addition of multi level marketing they could recruit more representatives and sell even more product, while providing a better growth path to individual financial freedom.

Multi Level Marketing began in the United States in the 1950′s and although the average person did not conceive that an avenue for financial freedom was so readily available to just about anyone, the Federal Government did, and the business model cleared the US congress by only eleven votes. MLM became hammered by bad press. Scam artist found readily easy methods to birth schemes that they would umbrella under the same name. Direct Sales organizations camouflaged it using creative titles allowing them to use the compensation method without scrutiny. The business model has however withstood the test of time, and with the advent of the internet became a hand that found its glove.

The industry today is still met with some degree of ignorance, but not enough to prevent its superior growth and its formidable creation of successful entrepreneurs. The economic impact it is having on individual lives, the sprouting of new product concepts and its internet driven distribution is one that should not be ignored. As a home business opportunity for those seeking to improve their financial lives, a properly selected venue in the Network Marketing industry is second to none.

Email Marketing Services

What exactly is email marketing? Basically, it can be any email that companies send out in the form of advertising. Of course, there are a few different approaches to this type of marketing. For example emails that are sent regularly to existing customers of a company, thus strengthening the relationship between them and encouraging them to stay loyal to a certain product or service. The emails can also be sent to potential customers, introducing new products and services encouraging them to buy, or just to encourage repeat business.

Advertisements can be placed in emails, which are sent by a third party and are in the form of banners that usually show on the sides of the text sent or above it. All of these techniques replace the traditional direct paper mail to the customers, it eliminates the process of writing, publishing and sending the regular newsletter which takes time and postage costs, greatly lowering the cost of marketing in general. This form of advertising can also replace paying for advertisement space in a number of different magazines and newspapers as it can have a more targeted reach.

Email marketing is extremely helpful for small business and especially for those that are trying to keep up with online services – like independent record stores for example. The existence of the iTunes music store makes it very hard for them to stay in business as music can be easily obtained without customers ever leaving home. Stores like that encourage their existing customers and are targeting new ones, sending regular emails with updated information about new releases, performances in the stores, store-only digital music downloading, promotional CDs, even trying to promote their vinyl records to new customers. You certainly cannot get a vinyl record from iTunes!

Another example of email advertising is the membership service some stores provide. This is an excellent way of directly communicating with the customers. Whenever people enrol, the store starts sending promotional emails to them. They can contain coupons for discounts, monthly promotions or just introducing a new product or service. The emails can be sent anytime if the store unexpectedly decides to have a sale that is faster and much better than the traditional mail inbox fliers that need time to be distributed. Within seconds with just a click of the mouse thousands of customers are being directly advertised.

Email marketing is a preferred way for promoting products and services and the different approaches of this marketing practice makes it possible to reach a large number of existing or potential customers fast while at the same time spending less money to do so.

5 Successful Techniques To Enhance Outcomes Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

List building in email marketing is definitely one of the best performing methods in creating a steady flow of income. Internet marketers who have become successful in this business realized that and made good money out of their lists. So if you have a large list, then better make sure to do a great email marketing campaign or you have wasted an opportunity to make large sums of cash.

But the big question is: how do I create a great email marketing campaign? Read on and learn the 5 successful techniques to skyrocket your sales and enhance the results in your campaign.

1. Eye-Grabbing Subject Line You subject line is one of the most important parts of your email! That is the first thing that your subscribers are going to see and that will define the open rate of your emails. Think of your subscribers as busy people who receive numerous emails every day. If you have a lame subject line, they would not even notice your email, or there might be a good possibility that it’s going directly to the trash. Make a short but appealing subject line that will surely make them want to open the email.

2. Customization Take time to customize your emails. There is nothing nicer than receiving an email that is directed to you and not to all people in your list. In fact, do not think of them as your customers, think of them as your buddies. Be personal! Talk to them using their names, and not use some random titles. They will feel more special and in return, they would also take time reading your emails.

3. Brief but Concise Haven’t we heard this a thousand of times in different scenarios? That is because this is a very helpful tip to everyone. Don’t bore your subscribers with lengthy emails! Again, these people are busy and they want to cut to the chase. Be direct to the point. Write a nice opening that describes your product and list some features that would entice them to read more using the link to your website that you have provided. That’s it!

4. Make Easy to Read Emails I know you’re creative but you don’t have to over do it! There are people who actually prefer simple emails that focus on the quality of content than in making their emails look pretty. Do away with colorful and different fonts. Stick with the basic link and avoid blinking banners that encourages your subscribers to hit the close button.

5. Effective Call to Action Your call to action in your email marketing campaign simply needs to be powerful and perfect! Think about what you have to say; you don’t need to rush this part. A good call to action is something that is slightly persuasive yet not out bounds. Keep them engaged and wanting for more so that they do whatever it is that you ask them to do, whether it is to answer a survey or go to your website. This is truly what makes a successful email marketing campaign.

I suggest that you read this guide again and again and internalize the steps and make them a habit. For sure, you’re on towards being one of the most profitable Internet marketers of your time.

Tons of MONEY can be made on the internet by people that know how to; it’s not difficult once you have a proven system to follow. If you are serious about improving your lifestyle via the internet, go to my website: [] and I will show you how to achieve your dreams.